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What is a truly unforgettable ceremony?

An unforgettable ceremony is what makes your wedding day a once in a lifetime moment. It's sacred, meaningful and personal.

An unforgettable ceremony celebrates the story of your love, inspires your family and friends and creates great anticipation for the adventure ahead.

An unforgettable ceremony celebrates your life-long love. It reminds you of why you’re getting married in the first place. 

We’ve come to realize two things about weddings: 

There are a lot of couples who want this but don’t know who to ask to officiate, and most brides can’t enjoy their ceremony because they’re too stressed about all the details leading up to it. 

An unforgettable ceremony is one we create together.  Our passion is to earn your trust. By the day of your wedding, we hope you consider us friends.

What we believe…


“The way they open their hearts and share personal stories really shows you the genuine people they are.”




My husband and I were first introduced to Mitch and Jenna when Mitch officiated the wedding of a close friend. We were blown away by the ceremony - it was personal, unique, and Christ centered which is exactly what we were looking for when planning our own nuptials. We reached out to Mitch and Jenna to get to know them better and to see if they would be a good fit for our wedding and we are SO glad we did!

They took the time to really get to know us as a couple. Through the marriage counseling that they offer we got to know ourselves better too! Mitch and Jenna weren't afraid to ask us difficult questions and how we would handle different life scenarios, which we didn't think about before. Even more, they shared their own personal journey through marriage and children. Throughout the whole wedding planning process they checked in on us and we felt very comfortable reaching out to them too.

We were absolutely blown away by our ceremony as were our family and friends. It was truly evident the time Mitch and Jenna put in to make it uniquely us and included references to the Badgers, which we loved! My mom was hesitate at first about us not getting married in a church. Mitch took extra time at the rehearsal to speak with my mom, which she really appreciated. She and the rest of our family and friends continue to mention, 6 months later, how they could feel the love we shared at our ceremony and the personal touches, which I attribute to the spectacular job of Mitch and Jenna! Thank you again!



The love and respect Mitch and Jenna show for each other is something that is truly inspirational and really shows as they work together to create the perfect wedding/ceremony. Mitch did a beautiful job of joining my Catholic faith upbringing with my husband's non denominational background. Jenna was everything I didn't know that I needed on my wedding day. You name it, Jenna took care of it!

We are so blessed to call these two friends and role models and are so lucky to have had them be a part of our special day. I wish we could get married over and over again and would not change a thing!

These two are amazing at what they do!


Erik AND Stephanie Nespoli

Our experience with Mitch & Jenna was beyond words. We knew getting married that we would be asking Mitch to proceed over our ceremony after seeing him and Jenna at a previous wedding we had attended. They both had a radiant glow and captivating faith about them that immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease.

While we live up north, Jenna and Mitch made the process so simple and went above and beyond to help and mentor us leading up to the wedding. We talked about the bliss, excitement, potential hardships and hard conversations that were ahead in our marriage. You know, those conversations that no one likes to have, but you have to? Well not only did they make these conversations fun, but they made them so easy. So much of what we discussed has gotten us through our first 5 months of marriage in pure happiness.

Their love for one another, God and their family is so evident and it inspired us on our journey. Our first virtual meeting with them was by far one of the best moments leading up to our day. One we won't forget. The way they open their hearts and share personal stories really shows you the genuine people they are. We asked for a few specific things - specifically surrounding my very Catholic family in our non-Catholic ceremony- but all were made possible and the entire rehearsal/ceremony truly couldn't have gone better.

The photos of us at our wedding are proof. This duo not only makes your experience behind the scenes great - but the big moments just as special. The service couldn't have been more "us" and we received so much outreach, many calls, messages, etc. all telling us how spectacular the service was.

Mitch adds personal touches from conversations and adds in stories and even included some personal comments Erik and I wrote in private for one another. We laughed, cried, and never felt more close with each other or our Lord ever than in that moment. This wonderful couple did that for us.

Our journey with Mitch & Jenna isn't over. We're dedicated to having a long, faithful and happy marriage - like theirs - and we couldn't have asked for better role models. So we plan on keeping in touch throughout the future! Their guidance, support and love meant and means the world to us.

We cant say it enough... thank you, Jenna & Mitch! You have a special place in our hearts forever!! 


“We were absolutely blown away by our ceremony, as were our family and friends.”


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“I can not imagine our wedding day without Jenna’s help and direction…she was a total pro.”

~ Bekah Henderson

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Officiating: Customized wedding ceremonies, personal to you.

God's purpose for marriage, the covenant blessing is the primary focus. After that, it's all about you and what you want to make it special.

You will meet with Mitch and Jenna 3 separate times (video or in person) to discuss ceremony details as well as a pre-marriage assessment. ( The assessment and the coaching that follows is what sets our services apart from others. It's what our couples say are some of the best moments leading up to their wedding day.

Mitch leads your rehearsal and arrives early on your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Mitch is licensed through the National Association of Christian Ministers.

Officiating = $850

Travel Expense - Travel costs may be incurred dependent on ceremony location. 



We understand that planning your wedding and pulling together all the last minute details can be stressful and difficult to do well, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, we believe it shouldn't be. You should be free to enjoy each and every moment without distraction - after all it’s your Wedding Day!

Jenna will meet with you 4-5 weeks before your wedding date to go over all the specifics and every little detail. From this point on, Jenna will be your right hand girl making all the phone calls, emails, and handling any last minute correspondence.

You can expect one scheduled phone call per week, with additional email and text communication. A master timeline and checklist will be created to meet your specific needs and to ensure all details have been accounted for.

Jenna will attend the rehearsal and arrive as early as necessary on your wedding day. She will handle any and all coordination with your wedding party, the venue, and vendors - including final payments. 



Travel Expense - Travel costs may be incurred dependent on ceremony location. 


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